From mail piece design
consultation through completed product dropoff, we offer a full
range of direct mailing services
for your mass mailing needs.
Your Mailing Schedule
  Your mailing schedule is important. We always make it priority number one to meet your deadline. With all pieces in place our turn around time is 24 to 48 hours for small to medium sized jobs.
Free Consulting for Mail Piece Design
  Before your mail goes to be printed we can advise as to size, color, and mail piece specs that will help you get the fastest USPS delivery and "lowest possible postage".
Complete Mail Preparation
  Database - We import your data to standardize addresses and append zip + 4 codes using CASS certified software (required by the Post Office), then presorted for any class of mail.
  Folding In-House - For quick turn around, we fold and accumulate in-house. Allows better quality control and accuracy on mail pieces.
  Insert, Seal, Address - #6 to 10"x13" envelopes, Inserting all in-line to speed up production and keep integrity of mail piece. Your mail piece looks crisp and clean when it leaves "On Target".
  Print Indicia/Stamp - A postage indicia can be printed on an envelope, self-mail piece, or stamp can be machine applied.
  Addressing &/ Tabbing - Ink jet address and single or double tab self mailer.
  Blind Match - Send 2 or 3 personalized items inserted into a personalized addressed envelope using our Exact Matching Camera System. People respond best to personalized mail.
  Pressure Sensitive Labels - Print addresses with bar codes using a high quality continuous form laser printer and applied by machine for fast turn around.
  Handwork - If a project does not meet the specifications to be run on machines, we have the staff to insert, label, stamp or meter, and seal your mail.
  Delivery to Post Office - Once your mail is in our hands, our truck delivers directly to the local Post Office at no charge to you and we return your USPS documentation to you.
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